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The Most Dangerous Game: Funding the PKK against IS


Wesley Swanson

As IS moves into Iraqi Kurdistan, protracted battles between Kurdish armed groups and Islamic State operatives have become more and more common. The Peshmerga—the paramilitary force of the Kurdish Regional Government—have recently taken center stage as a possible localized antidote to IS power, both well-trained and well-armed and capable of winning back land in the region. The US has begun directly supplying the Peshmerga with weapons, and Western nations have covered their advances with airstrikes, both of which resulting in gains of territory against the terrorist network. In short, supporting Kurdish armed forces represents one choice on a very small list of rational options that keep American boots off the ground. Continue reading

Priorities at the UN General Assembly


Marcus Andrews

It has been an exciting week in New York, not just for the city, but also for the world as a whole. The annual United Nations General Assembly opened on Wednesday, a spectacular moment of global dialogue that is expected to draw around 140 heads of state.

As the home of UN Headquarters and as the strongest country underpinning this 69-year project in global governance, the United States is uniquely positioned to lead at this event. President Barack Obama did just that on Wednesday, taking the podium for one of the keynote speeches addressing numerous shared problems. Continue reading